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Starting an Online Meetup

Posted on:May 27, 2023

So the other week I had a crazy idea to start some kind of meetup. The idea came out of the Remix Conf talk titled Remixing Community.

I’m not sure exactly what sparked my interest as I do not attend meetups that often. I used to attend them a bit more when I worked in the city, but being from a rural area makes things challenging.

As many of you may know I enjoy all things technical, and try to stay on top of the latest trends even if I can’t apply them to my work directly. I share a lot of these learnings through twitter, and this blog.

For some reason I wanted more. I feel that I have a strong network of people in the industry from all my previous jobs, and wanted to tap into all this knowledge as much as I can.

It is because of this I came to the conclusion that starting an online meetup would allow me to reach the greatest number of people. At this point my network is all over the globe, so limiting it to a specific local community didn’t seem to make sense.

Seeing a bunch of people getting together and geeking out over tech seems like a good time, so I figured why not give it a shot. I hope we get to cover a wide variety of topics from frontend, backend, devops, ui/ux, etc.

Now this could be a big bust, and I have some doubts. Getting speakers, and topics can sometimes be like pulling teeth. I’ve seen this from previous lunch and learn events that I’ve been a part of in the past. My hope is that having a medium outside of one specific company can help this. If I’m going to prepare a talk I want the most people to get the benefit out of it as possible.

That said we have our first meetup schedule on June 6th on React Server Components. I would love to see you there!